an Italian brand that takes it eco-credentials seriously.

It actively seeks out and supports farmers growing rare and soon to be extinct varieties of fruit making it active in the slow food movement.

Uses vegetable ink and biodegradable materials in all its packaging and produces on renewable energy.



The best natural hair colour. Using a revolutionary technology, the ANC colours from Davines are ammonia and PPD free, which makes this hair dye perfect even for people with severe allergies.

When using these colours, clients and their hairdressers can now avoid exposure to unnecessary chemicals and when washed down the sink, the hair dye is totally water soluble so there’s no nasty run off.

This environmentally friendly product includes ingredients that are derived from plants and offer natural pigments for the truest results in hair colour.

While making sure the health risk is negligible, these new colours were designed and formulated to offer total coverage and perfect lifting.